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Adka's digital art accepted for
Bridges 2013 the world’s largest mathematical art conference on mathematical connections to art, science and music...the math sensation! 

TV, books & magazines:
"Telerano" morning show, Slovak TV
"Motol TV" Prague, Czech Republic
"Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition Catalog"
"Madam Eva"
"4 Style Magazine"
"Mistni Kultura"
"Trendy Zdravi.Cz
"Yahoo Voices"
"Slovak TV TA3, Ligne Roset"

"Hidden Treasure Art Magazine" UK

"Margin Call"

"Blooming Notes VIII." on the cover of the music therapy agency brochure Rhythm & Rehab LLC

"Missy" licensed by the top distributor of board games and toys in Czech Republic and Slovakia, which became prominent on the Czech market thanks to the co-operation with American company Hallmark in 1991: "Albi"

"Santie" original painting, will be auctioned and proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization, "Narod Detem" (Children Nation), at FN Motol Hospital, Prague 

Logo Contest Judge for GMTA, NC, USA
Reflections Arts Program Judge, NC, USA

Auctioning 1-2 pieces of art annually for such great causes as cancer research, family services, music education and animal shelters.


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